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Dell Computer Purchases

Article ID: ITSKB-3-50

Article Purpose

The following are recommendations for purchasing new computers. For most applications these requirements will have an effective life-cycle of four (4) years before needing replacement.

IT Recommendations come in two flavors; standard and technical. Standard workstations are perfect for most uses including Banner, Microsoft Office, web browsing, and email. Technical workstations are for power hungry applications like complex mathematical computations, extermly large AutoCAD renderings, or extensive video editing, and in many cases a standard workstation equiped with additional RAM (16 GB+) may perform better than a technical workstation. Most employees need a standard workstation.

Dell Recommendations

IT Services recommends Dell desktop and notebook computers. UAA utilizes the WSCA contract to purchase Dell workstations at a reduced cost.


  • Standard Dell Workstation - Dell Optiplex 9020, Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor, 8GB of memory, 1TB hard drive, 22" LCD display, DVD±RW, Small Form Factor. See all standard Dell options...
  • Standard Dell Workstation All-in-One - Dell Optiplex 9030 AIO, Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processor, 8GB of memory, 1TB hard drive, 23" LCD display, DVD±RW, Small Form Factor. See all standard Dell AIO options...
  • Technical Dell Workstation - Dell Precision T1700, Intel Core i7 Quad Core Processor, 8GB of memory, 1TB hard drive, 22" LCD display, DVD±RW, Mini-tower. See all technical Dell options...


Personal Purchases

UAA Students, Staff, and Faculty can purchase personal workstations by visiting their own UAA specific Dell e-commerce store. Systems purchased through this site will not have any UAA Licensed software preinstalled. Dell provides standard basic software (e.g. Operating System, device drivers, etc.) with each system. The individual purchasing the system is responsible for purchasing additional software.

Buy a New Personal Computer

  1. Individuals should have their UAA Wolf Card available for confirmation of eligibility.
  2. UAA's Dell Member ID is: BS32003903
  3. Buy Now!

Institutional Purchases

Purchases can be made through a UAA specific Dell e-commerce site. Orders totaling less than $5,000 (including shipping) can be made by UAA ProCard. Orders totaling more than $5,000 can be saved as an e-quote and submitted to Procurement for the creation of a Purchase Order. We have provided Dell with a UAA specific preinstalled software configuration for all Standard and Technical Workstations arriving on campus. The standard software configuration consists of: Windows 7 Enterprise, Office 2007 Professional, MS Visio, MS Project, and Symantec EndPoint Protection. These software images are available only on the Optiplex and Precision models.

Buy a new Work Computer

  1. First time buyers will need to Create a Profile
  2. Returning buyers Order Now!


Remember: CRT Computer Displays are Prohibited
The purchase of CRT computer displays is prohibited at UAA and grandfather exemptions for existing orders have expired. If you recently purchased a CRT display, delivery to the work site may be refused. Instead departments should be purchasing flat panel (LCD) displays. For more information see: LCD-CRT Displays Prohibition (PDF document).​

Additional Information

Manufacture Recommendations

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